Blog posting in the future

You can configure WordPress and Movable Type blogs to have posts appear at a time of your choosing in the future – handy if you want posts to appear when you won’t be near a computer.


It’s not particularly well-documented and took me a few tries to figure it out. Here’s how:

In Write Post –

  • (create the post)
  • In ‘Post TimeStamp’, click ‘Edit Timestamp.’ Then change the date/time to when you want it to appear.
  • Click ‘Publish.’

Note: This works on blogs but doesn’t seems to work on blogs. Maybe it’s a transient thing there, as they’ve been having growth pains. It’s a bug and they’re working on it.

Movable Type

Change post status to ‘Scheduled.’
Change ‘Authored on’ to when you want it to appear.

Note: For this to work, you need to set up a Chron Job on the server first, here’s the docs. Doing so isn’t as fearsome as it might appear at first to a newbie.