Important vote today in London

From Craig Murray comes this fascinating explanation of today’s vote in London. Activists are using the Net to instruct voters specifically who to vote for in their area in hopes of defeating the Labour candidate. If enough Labour incumbentsԚ  lose, then under fairly arcane rules, rebels in the party and elsewhere may be able to force the walking political corpse that is Tony Blair out of power.

Anti-New Labour tactical voting by former Labour voters, and supporters of all other parties, looks set to deliver a local election result in London that will contribute significantly to sweeping Tony Blair out of 10 Downing Street.

Simply by typing in their postcode on the website, Londoners can find out which party stands the best chance of beating New Labour in their council ward. The interactive website will be a centre for vote-swapping between supporters of different parties in different boroughs, so that the power of tactical voting to create change can be exploited to the full.

London Strategic Voter spokesman Richard Wilson: â┚¬Å“May 4th is a referendum on whether the voters want Tony Blair to stay or to go now. We want him to go.”

BlairWatch will have breaking news on the election as it happens.