Blair, dead man walking

George Bush is about to lose his last solid international ally.

Tony Blair has suffered a poor night in England’s local elections as Labour made losses of more than 200 seats.

A “poor night” is an understatement. These elections became a referendum on Blair. After losing 200 seats, where Blair was standing just became a smoking crater.

But it was the effect on Tony Blair that is likely to have the biggest implications, with suggestions he was set to face demands to announce a timetable for his early departure from Downing Street.

From The New Statesmen

By the time you read these words, Tony Blair will be gone. His ageing and exhausted form may still occupy Downing Street, but the reality, recognised by allies and foes alike, is that he no longer has authority over his government or party.

Dubya and the neocons are no doubt getting a bit twitchy over this.

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  1. Bush boy and his cronies don’t need to worry too much about the liar’s demise, whoever replaces St. Tony will be US compliant as the corporate world will demand this and they all kneel to the corporate world.

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