The fix is in

In honor of Abramoff, watered-down ‘reform’

Washington lobbyists lobbied for a weak lobbying reform bill. They got what they lobbied for. Shouldn’t that be proof enough that most lobbyists â┚¬â€ Jack Abramoff comes to mind â┚¬â€ have too much power?

Not, apparently, for the Republican leadership that is pushing a watered-down version of already watered-down reform.

On the other hand, I’m not hearing Democrats scream loudly for genuine reform, are you?

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  1. Comandante Gringo

    We really have to talk and act like all bourgeois parties are really our class enemy. Otherwise we’ll still have too many ‘Leftists’ who really actually think that reformist ‘strategic voting’, or even ‘moving the Democrats to the Left’ are actual viable options.

    And so where’s the talk about the Movement on the streets and signs of a mass workers’ party?

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