Nepal Maoists announce cease-fire

The Maoists were clear that the cease-fire is for three months only and “with the intention to encourage the political parties to announce an unconditional special assembly.”

The rebels are for now “being flexible in order to trust the parties” to help overthrow the king, Yadav said. “If anyone goes against the people, their downfall is inevitable, whether it is the political parties or the monarchy or any force.”

Note they specifically say the King and monarchy must go.


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  1. The world bourgeois mass-media — especially those associated with the british bourgeois monarchy — have been at the greatest pains in the past few weex to misdirect the world in every possible way that, whatever happens in Nepal, the masses still *love* their king/dictator; and that a republic of any kind — let alone (gasp!) a socialist one — is simply not on the agenda. And it’s been an amazing propaganda effort: as amazing as it has been futile; because the masses of the world really do not care squat what such as the yuppie tools at the BBC (for one egregious example) think the masses ‘should’ or shouldn’t be doing with their quality time…
    What fools these Beebs be.

    And so now, in spite of all the efforts of the bourgeois order, the question of a socialist republic in every country heretofore bumbling along with some kind of bullshit “monarchy” setup, is truly back on the table. And this will be in spite of all the spin-doktoring and misdirection which is certain to occupy more and more of the bandwidth of the bourgeois mass-media in the coming period.

    And it certainly won’t take 3 months for the masses of Nepal to decide what to do with the corrupt and prevaricating 7 Patsy Alliance scumbags.

    (I wonder how long it actually takes to convene a constituent assembly in a country like Nepal? Or any country? I mean, a *real* constituent assembly — not the rigged kind many of these bourgeois forces are inevitably going to try foisting on the masses, simply because these fools won’t be able to help themselves, being the political pimps they are.)

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