End game in Nepal

Nepal riot policeman runs away from protesters

Photo from The Telegraph UK. “Nepali riot policeman runs away from protesters.”

Bloomberg: Nepal sets curfew for fourth day; opposition vows more protests

The only thing that matters short-term now is how long the Army stays loyal, and I’m thinking, not much longer. Would you risk your life to protect this ruling class?

Another policeman, who is sometimes put on detail to protect the unpopular Crown Prince Paras, complains bitterly at the way the royal offspring berates attendants and even hits them in unprovoked fits of rage.

At a dinner I attended with the family of a government minister last week, the official’s wife complained wearily: “I’m so tired of all this talk of democracy.” Afterwards, a fellow diner, who is a Sandhurst-trained officer, branded his hosts “awful people” and confided: “I support democracy.”



  1. The caption on that photo gives it a whole different meaning.

    I saw it on another site and the caption suggested the protestors ran away from the police after tear gas was fired.

  2. In the upcoming Constituent Assembly, the masses will simply overwhelm the bourgeois parties with democratic demands which obsolete bourgeois democratic forms — this the maoists will make sure they will not be diverted from, by guile or coercion. It’s masterful.

    And so when the counter-revolutionary push comes, now the communists will have the majority of the urban masses onside.
    As Mr T. might say: “Pity the fool” who attempts that gambit.

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