$3.09 a gallon, self-serve regular

That’s the price at a nearby gas station here in L.A as of last night. It was 2.97 on Thursday. That’s a 12 cent rise in two days.

In a Bloomberg News survey of oil experts, 23 of 42 analysts, traders and brokers polled – or 55 percent – said prices will increase even more next week.

Here’s a cure for the price-gouging. Nationalize the oil companies, charge only enough to break even and for a prudent reserve – and take back the 400 million the greedy pig at ExxonMobil paid himself to retire, using it to fund biodiesel and hybrid research instead.

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  1. Go Bob

    I would add some transition suggestions to that. Give the company to all the workers insisting on a participatory democratic structure, insisting that it become a public utilily service entity with a limit on profit, mandatory full coverage health care benefits, monthly payments to the pension fund, no overtime hours permitted except in emergencies, and a guarantee 6 weeks consecutive vacation time. And then see where they take it.

    Tommorrow is what you believe today!

  2. Can’t seriously think about nationalization of these murdering oiligarchic gangsters without first dealing with the issue of a new social order which removes their power over us. And so the issue really becomes a question of Socialism.

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