Redbaiting in the immigrant rights movement

I was going to post about this, but my pal Eli at Lefti on the News just said it perfectly for me in his post Redbaiting in the immigrant rights movement.

The rulers want to kill the immigrant rights movement, most especially the upcoming May 1 work stoppages,. The idea of a general strike makes them real nervous indeed. As well it should. So, a time-honored method is divide and conquer with some red-baiting tossed in the mix, as in the ANSWER Coalition is a bunch of commies trying to jack the immigrant rights movement.

Ah, no. the ANSWER Coalition *supports* the immigrant rights movement and has been doing so since its birth in 2001, long before the historic March 25 march in L.A., as Lefti clearly documents. And has been doing so before all the newbies in the movement came on the scene, some of whom are now attacking ANSWER, I might add.

So, when you hear the “outside agitators” attack against ANSWER (and you will be hearing it), remember that ANSWER has long supported immigrant rights, and also has lots of Latino and immigrant members. Hardly outside agitators. Just look at the name, ANSWER stands for “Act Now to Stop War and End Racism.”