Not a time for tepid protest

In what country will a huge peace coalition hold an anti-war rally have nothing to say about Iran, Israel and Palestine or Afghanistan? Is the answer Israel? Turkey? Micronesia? Sadly it’s the USA. On April 29 United for Peace and Justice is holding a big demonstration in New York City called “March for Peace, Justice and Democracy”. The only “peace” demand mentioned is bringing troops home from Iraq.

The silence about Iran is staggering.

United for Peace is increasingly and deliberately tepid and bland in their non-protest protests. Their plan is to cosy up to the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, and that means not offending the Democratic establishment. Most especially, this means never ever mentioning the word “Palestine,” which is the primary reason they refuse to hold joint demos with the ANSWER Coalition.

Unstated in the UFPJ rally call is a rush to the Democrats. After grassroots activists pushed the UFPJ and ANSWER coalitions into having one successful giant demonstration on September 24, 2005, UFPJ passed a resolution to never work with ANSWER again! Instead it found new allies with liberal environmental groups, feminists and Jesse Jackson’s PUSH. Jesse Jackson, father confessor to war criminal Clinton, is going to teach us morality. Grand. Dump all the bleeding hearts who sympathize with the Arabs and Muslims and the Dems will pick up votes in the heartland.

Well, in CT this strategy of pandering to the so-called center has been tried and it’s failed.

We have three weeks. Something has to be done to change the political direction of UFPJ. Ignoring Iran is madness. Abandoning Muslims and Palestinians is disgraceful. Silence about Israel is inexcusable. We need to pressure the out of touch UFPJ leadership.

Hey, forget United for Peace. Join the ANSWER Coalition instead. ANSWER is not silent about Iran, Palestine, and Israel. Nor does ANSWER dilute its message in a doomed attempt to partner with the Democratic Party, a party that steadfastly supports all war all the time, just like the Republicans. ANSWER stands for everything the author is looking for.

Too many lives are now at stake for moral cowardice and self-seeking political calculation. King George the Insane is moving towards yet another unprovoked war. To be silent about that is to be complicit. ANSWER is not silent.


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