Neocons plan attack on Iran with nukes

That’s right, they want to use nukes. No matter how many innocents die, no matter the Middle East would erupt into anti-American violence, no matter the US would become a pariah state, that’s what the Bushies are want. They are quite insane.

Of course we on the Left have known that for some time. The rest of the country increasingly is agreeing.

My question. Why aren’t Democrats on the floors of Congress screaming in outrage about this, calling for Bush’s impeachment, saying we’ll shut government down if Bush attempts it?

Now is the time to protest, to stop this atrocity from happening. Don’t rely on the Democrats. They are cowards, worse, they are complicit.

The people are the only ones who can stop it.

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  1. The Democrats don’t fight it, because they agree with it. Because they are part of the same World Order.
    They just disagree on tactix.

    To be Left means to not only not ever vote Democrat ever again — it means to work for a world revolution to overthrow this insane capitalist Order.

    Anyone who thinx that’s unreasonable has either led a sheltered, middle-class life — or they are supporters of the class enemy.

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