Al-Jazeera interviews Iraqi blogger Riverbend

In the interview, she, a 26 year old computer specialist who lived abroad for a while and writes in flawless, impassioned English, blogs at the now famous Baghdad Burning.

Some of your detractors online have said you are unabashedly biased and anti-American and that you lament the ousting of the previous government. Is that true?

Unabashedly biased towards what? Iraq? One thing that bothers me is that many people equate being anti-occupation with anti-American.

I am not anti-American – I know many wonderful Americans and correspond and communicate with them regularly. I am, however, anti-occupation.

I don’t wish for the “days of Saddam”, if that’s what you’re asking. I am, however, completely against the presence of foreign troops in Iraq.

Hat tip, Lefti on theNews