HR 4437

From Lying Media Bastards

[HR 4437] is personal. Why are Latino students protesting by the thousand? Because for many, the law says “we’re going to take your parents away.” Why doesn’t anyone understand that?

Too many don’t. But that is what the Sensenbrenner Bill mandates. If the children are US-born and the parents are undocumented, then deport the parents anyway. This is a racist and mean-spirited bill to the core. It’s a given there will be huge mobilizations, strikes, and walk-outs should it look like it will become law.

– Sadly, in public discourse, the words “immigrant”, “illegal immigrant”, “illegal alien”, “Mexican”, “Hispanic”, and “latino” are used almost interchangably, as though they all meant the same thing. So when Congress proposes a bill to make it a felony to be an “illegal immigrant”, and to deport them all, how do you think people respond to that?

PS “Native Americans had a special name for immigration – white people.”