May 1. ‘Day without Latinos’ protest

US Hispanic groups, buoyed by massive weekend protests against a proposed immigration crackdown, are planning a major boycott of American life dubbed a  ‘A Day Without Latinos’, leaders said on Tuesday.

Organisers of the planned May 1 “A day without Latinos or a day without immigrants” boycott will ask immigrants to put down tools, leave their places of work and classrooms, shut their business and take to the streets en masse to protest a bill that would criminalise illegal immigration.

Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Association, one of the organisers of a massive protest in Los Angeles that saw at least 500,000 protest on Saturday, said the protest would send a stern message to Washington.

“We are looking forward to a major action in all large US cities where immigrants make up a significant proportion of the workforce,” he told AFP.

“We are asking people not to go to school, or work, or shopping and instead to go out and protest against the racist and inhumane measures in this bill.”

Planning meetings will be held in several cities over the next few weeks with the official announcement to be made in D.C. soon.

“Amnesty and Full Legalization” is the demand from the March 25 Coalition, organizers of last Saturday’s historic march in L.A.

I’ll be blogging much more about this in the coming days.