HeadZup.tv, “the first video comic strip for cell phones and iPods”

You can view them on your PC too. Check it out, these are fun, politically-edged 5-10 second mini-videos. I met HeadZup Head John Shay last year at Gnomedex. He was wondering if this idea of his would get traction, now he’s getting distribution deals and award nominations.


  1. […] From John Shay, of HeadZup, “the first video comic strip for cell phones and iPods,” following up on yesterday’s post. I think your readers will be very interested in the whole idea of “store and forward entertainment”…. which is basically napster without the guilt. While the entire cellular industry is trying their best to turn our cell phones into mind-numbing TV’s and iPods, Head Zup is all about sharing ideas and freedom of _expression. Head Zup clips can be shared freely via the totally unexploited MMS channel that is nearly ubiquitous across global cellular networks (not just 3G networks). […]

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