The Paris revolt

A few months ago, the poorest and most exploited in France exploded into protest.

Last week, students began protesting a new law that would make it easier for them to be fired from jobs. The protests have now grown wayԚ  beyond just the students.

Students joined forces with teachers, workers, retirees, opposition politicians and union leaders in more than 150 cities and towns throughout France on Saturday in the largest nationwide protest against the government’s new labor law for young workers.

Hundreds of thousands, maybe a million are in the streets. Now a major union leader is calling for a general strike.

This could bring down a government.

Libcom, has “english language coverage of the young workers’ revolt in France” including many photos (like the below.)

Paris unrest

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  1. As William Pfaff tartly observed, the French government as enough experience to know better than to adopt new laws in springtime when the sap is running and students are in love.

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