The March 18 protest

More people came in L.A. and S.F. than we expected, there were over 20,000 at both. Interestingly, there was considerably more mainstream media than at past demos. At one point we had photographers onstage from AP, Reuters, the LA Times, and someone else. Plus CNN was there, as well as local TV news plus several media helicopters were in the air. Antiwar sentiment has gone mainstream. We are the majority now.

Let’s keep organizing. The maniacs in the White House will attack Iran if they think they can get away with it. Let’s make sure we stop them.

We are in the ascendant now, Bush is crumbling.

Sky falls in on Bush the outcast

Plagued by Iraq, the President’s own party is abandoning him as his poll ratings plunge.

antiwar proest March 18 2006

Three podcasts follow. More photos on my Flickr page.