Encrypt your Internet phone calls

It’s called zFone, and it’s from Phil Zimmermann, a genuine Net hero. He brought us secure email encryption in the form of PGP. Now he’s doing the same for Internet phone calls.

Both PGP and zFone are open source. That means no back doors. Nor would Phil ever allow any.

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  1. Phil did a lot for personal privacy. I just hope zfone will be easier to use that PGP. Man, I never could get that setup.
    I’m a little paranoid about my email, and just needed a “Good enough” solution: I’m not a terrorist or a spy. As a small businessman, I just wanted a cheap, quick and easy solution. I had tried a bunch, but I just bought the new MessageLock application. It’s a symetric key product, no “special reader” is required by the receiver. I just type in a password and go. Authentication isn’t that important to me, but then again, for my use if an email comes in encrypted, thats good enough for me. The url for a MessageLock trial is http://www.encryptomatic.com. I think messagelock.com also works.

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