Let’s stop the madness

Mark Vallen. Not our children, not their children

To paraphrase Steve Earle’s classic lyric of “Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man’s war”, what we have in Iraq is just another poor boy, dying for a rich man’s war.

Country Joe said it about the Vietnam War, and it’s still true, “what are we fighting for?”

Nixon said at the time that one million protestors in D.C. meant nothing to him, but years later it was revealed in the memoirs of aides, he looked out the White House, saw all those protestors, and knew he was in big trouble.

Massive protests worked in the 60’s. Now, more than ever, let’s do it again on March 18 during the nationwide antiwar marches and rallies.

P.S. Need more reasons to get in the streets?

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  1. Hi
    I recently wrote a piece about the upcoming demonstration in Londond on March 18th. I’m about to write another reminder as the time draws near. Please feel free to send me any information I can include about demonstrations your side of the pond so I can include them with the Stop The War info I intend to publish.

    Lets see if we can make a difference this time.

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