The pretend revolution

Lefti on the News dissects how the only real change many of the luminaries in the liberal blogosphere want is change that puts them in control of the Democratic Party. Other than that, they’re mostly status quo, not to mention being elitist and downright dismissive of the workers they would claim to represent.

[Matt] Stoller says, “We have no interest in being anti-establishment. We’re going to be the establishment.”

A little later in the article, we learn that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will be the keynote speaker at the annual conference of Daily Kos. How much revolution can I stand?

‘Stoller does not think that it’s important for blogs to reach a less-affluent audience: “Not everybody has to be part of that conversation. If someone wants to have access to those discussions, they should be able to do that. But for the most part, people–like that person working two shifts–will go on with their lives knowing that good people are making good decisions and policies on their behalf.”‘

Goodness Matt, we wouldn’t want you to taint yourself by associating with the commoners. Certainly someone working 12 hours a day to keep their family in food could have nothing of substance to say to an important chap like yourself. But tell me, how would this be different from current Congressional Democrats who spend their lives in plastic bubbles, carefully isolated and protected from the people? If you never associate with the voters, how can you claim you’ll represent them with ‘good decisions.’ How is this different from the bilge we hear now from Congress?

This country needs real change, not just a changing of the guard in the Democratic Party that will bring no substantive change, otherwise it’ll just be “Say hello to the new boss / same as the old boss.”


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