Willie Nelson, ‘Secret Cowboys’

At first I thought this was some strange satire or parody, or maybe an impersonation of Willie. It’s not, it really is him. The song was written 20 years ago. Nelson did a song for “Brokeback Mountain” and just released “Secret Cowboys” on iTunes, a bold move even for an icon like him. But then, he’s never much cared for convention.

“Secret Cowboys” lyrics include:

There’s many a strange impulse out on the plains of West Texas/There’s many a young boy who feels things he don’t comprehend

There’s many a cowboy who don’t understand the way that he feels towards his brother/ Inside every cowboy there’s a lady who’d love to slip out.

Well a cowboy may brag about things that he does with his women/ But the ones who brag loudest are the ones that are most likely queer.

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other/ That’s why they wear leather, and Levi’s and belts buckled tight.

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  1. I’ve been all over my iTunes store and have been unable to find Willie Nelson’s Secret Cowboys vido nor the song. Are you sure your info is correct?

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