Bush caught in more lies

Bush, Chertoff warned before Katrina

But this isn’t really news, is it, Bush being caught in lies. What is unusual is his uncomprehending and contemptuous attitude towards it all. He asked no questions at the briefing when told levees could breach, told them “we are fully prepared”, then lied to the US public saying “”I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees”

What a contemptible person he is. How many died because of his uncaring? Is anyone in Congress (hello Democrats!) attacking Bush for his criminal neglect? Well of course not. The Republicans are too busy re-arranging the deck chairs on their sinking ship while Democrats squeak mouse-like about having to “choose their fights”, however I don’t recall any fights they’ve actually chosen to participate in, do you?


  1. Come on guys, Bush was on his vacations and it didn’t rain in Texas, so give this poor guy a break, after all he said “we are fully prepared” without stuttering!

  2. Did you expect the President to hold Bianco and Negens hands.
    You dont blame your neighbor when your toilet backs up!
    What ever happened to personal responsibility, what are a Mayor and Govenor elected for.
    Why was the money to upgrade the levees spent on everything but upgrading the levees?
    Someday you might wake up and see what a great President George Bush is.

  3. Dubya is great? “Every lunacy has a champion to defend it.”

    He was warned the levees might break then lied to the American public about saying he wasn’t warned.

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