Is this why Dubya wants the port deal?

The ports controversy could cause similar problems for Neil Mallon Bush, the president’s most troublesome brother, who has become a familiar face in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Neil Bush seems to be in constant pursuit of investors and government contracts in the Emirates, and is treated there with a respect and deference that have always eluded him in his own country.

For reasons that must be painfully obvious, UAE royals have been quite eager to engage the former Silverado Savings and Loan director ever since his eldest brother entered the Oval Office.

“Invisible Neil” as he’s called, has a long and tangled tale of twisted financial doings. However he’s less the “troublesome” rogue black sheep and more the family fixer, methinks.

Via The Blue Room, who has more.


  1. Does anybody here remember which Arab investors bailed out Dubya’s Harken Energy? I recall that daddy’s buddy’s did one time (perhaps on a previous entity), and I seem to remember that some Carlile-based Middle Eastern money found its way to Dubya at another time. Dubya has been bailed out so many times by people who wanted favors from Daddy that it’s hard to keep up with them, but that could be another return of the favor from Dubya.

    I think there was a long article in the Atlantic Monthly or some similar magazine in 2000 to this effect.

  2. I wonder that nobody wonders why an American company can’t do the job (not now and as it looks like in the future neither). Couldn’t that be the real problem? Let’s be serious, THIS government wouldn’t have prefered an Arab company if an American one would have been competitive …

  3. What if Carlyle was a secret partner or Neil et al were making handsome “finders fees?” Not saying they are, but it’s certainly possible.

    It also occurs to me that an Arab firm might be better equipped to spot terrorism because they know the culture and speaks the languages.

  4. You’re assuming that all terrorists are Arabs, Remember McVeigh?

  5. I should have said “Islamist terrorists”

  6. How many terrorist acts have taken place across America and Europe in the last ten years and how many of them have been by Islamists? There have been acts of terror but I would lay the blame at the feet of the fundamentalists. There have been many acts of terror in America from anti-abortionists to assasinations and in Europe we have had ETA and the IRA, all home grown fundamentalists who weren’t too worried about innocents being cuaght up in their private war. The Islamists slant is a state ploy to further their so called “anti-terrorist” imperialist adventures in the Middle East. Their own terror unleashed on these peoples is deemed righteous in the name of defending us against the Islamist terrorists. By taking up their cry we pay lip service to their acts.

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