Why I hate ZoneAlarm

I hate ZoneAlarm. Protection? Yeah right. Too much protection you ask me. I’ve actually had ZoneAlarm pop up one of their obnoxious mesages saying “ZoneAlarm is exhibiting dangerous behavior.” Yup, it reported on itself. Erroneously, one hopes.

I’m in S.F. now, blogging from my hotel. The wireless didn’t work at first. Had to call the hotel wireless provider tech support. We finally disabled ZoneAlarm so the wireless could work, because this time ZoneAlarm just went ahead and blocked my Internet access without giving me the option to say No.What a useless program.

Since it has so many false postives, I wonder, conversely, what is it letting through that it shouldn’t?

Sue says, why don’t you just go buy a Mac. Maybe I will.


  1. I didn’t want to renew my subscription with CA for their firewall and anti-virus…I wanted to try something else. But my old ZoneAlarm (part of CA)would not uninstall!!! It totally refused me to access the internet…get this…”for my safety”. Oh my God!!! CA has got some nerve telling me “for my safety” while their product is blocking my system from getting on the internet. I had to use a Win98 boot disk to delete their junk from my hard drive because ZoneLabs instructions on how to remove it would have taken hours!!! I had their junk software on 6 of my family’s system…so who had the time to deal with their stinking instructions.

    Here’s how to do it the ole fashioned way.
    I have Win XP systems, but this works way faster…
    Use win98 boot disk to get to C:\
    Then delete this file…C:\windows\system32\vsdatant.*
    Reboot normally into WinXP. (internet access is restored…yippee)
    Then go to regedit
    Delete anything that is vsdatant…

    You should be peachy at this point!!

    As for ZoneLabs…take your programs and stuff in your drive!

  2. Tell me about it! I hate ZoneAlarm too. I tried to research switchblades because I’m interested in spring operated shit, and ZoneAlarm blocks me. Apparently, you can’t look at weapons. So fucking what! I’m interested in weapons. We should tell the creators of ZoneAlarm to get fucked.

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