Charges for police in Tube shooting

Police officers are facing criminal charges over allegations that they tampered with evidence after shooting dead an innocent Brazilian at a London Underground station, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) report reveals that a log was changed so that it read: “And it was not Osman” instead of “it was Osman”. This meant that surveillance officers could claim the marksmen had shot dead the wrong man despite having been warned that he was not who they had thought.

Even with that, the ‘marksmen’ (a misnomer if there ever was one) themselves have been cleared of wrongdoing. That’s right, they knocked an unarmed unthreatening man to the ground, shot him repeatedly in the head, yet somehow this is ok. Me, I think they’re all murderers. What we have here is one gang of thugs trying to blame another gang for crimes they are both responsible for.

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  1. The chances of the state judiciary punishing its own strong arm men is rather remote, however we can but hope. It might be a dismissal and lose of pension. We have had a few police shootings that raised questions and there has never been any charges that stuck. In one recent shooting the police shot and killed a cancer patient saying he had a gun in a plastic bag. It turned out to be a leg of a coffee table he had just picked up after having it repaired. The result; no grounds for a prosecution.

  2. “Who will police the police?”

  3. Movie reference: Anyone else see the coincidental irony that Menenzes was from “Brazil” which is a country, and a movie [and a song too for that matter]

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