Wobblies organize against Starbucks

Yes, the Wobblies… Organized and moving against Starbucks. Just a few of them you say? That’s what they said last time – and then the Wobblies unionized hundreds of thousands.

The Wobblies were and are legends of the union movement. In the early 1900’s. they unionized mining towns, lumber camps, and factories, sometimes when no one else could or dared, even if if meant pitched battles with goons hired by the bosses.

They emphasized rank-and-file organization, as opposed to empowering leaders who would bargain with employers on behalf of workers. They were one of the few unions to welcome all workers including women, foreigners, black workers and immigrants (like Mexican miners and Asian workers). Indeed, many of its early members were first- and second-generation immigrants.

The IWW lumber strike of 1917 led to the eight-hour day and vastly improved working conditions in the Pacific Northwest. Even though mid-century historians would give credit to the US Government and “forward thinking lumber magnates” for agreeing to such reforms, an IWW strike forced these concessions.

I’m glad they’re back. Another group is back too, SDS has reformed and is increasingly active.

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  1. Whaddaye mean, the Wobblies are “back”? We never went away! We’ve been hanging in on Chicago, then San Francisco, for decades.

    I’m tickled to see that SDS, on the other paw, really has risen from the grave. Just one thing I want to know; does its new charter include the “anti-totalitarian” clause that kept the original SDS safe from the yawping Marxists for so long? It was after that clause was taken out that the original SDS started getting swamped with PLs and other Marxist-Leninists sh!theads, which finally dragged the organization down. So *put back that anti-totalitarian clause* or watch history repeat itself.

    –Leslie Fish IWW #X306686

  2. Considering that many of the original Wobblies were socialist or communist and that Big Bill Haywood went on to join the CP after the Wobblies self-destructed, I’m baffled by your loathing for socialism as you appear to reject your own history.

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