Does Cheney ever apologize?

For anything? Ever?

The lies and coverup continues. Just a few pellets in the face? Well no, there’s a pellet in his heart, that’s why he had a heart attack. Pellets in his shoulder, neck too. Sounds like Cheney nearly killed him.

A normal human capable of actual feeling and compassion would have said something publicly by now. But not Cheney. He’s still stonewalling. Yuck.

Firedoglake is running a series of excellent investigative pieces including several by ReddHead (a former prosecutor) who demonstrates how Cheney’s story is full of holes.

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  1. Alan Watkins-Groves

    This is just another example of collateral damage and must be expected when you put weapons in the wrong hands.
    Perhaps Haliburton can get the contract for the (plastic) surgery.

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