Theme Hell

Ok, I’ve had a lit-tle bit too much excitement today here on Polizeros. First, the Connections theme began acting oddly. So I went back to the theme you see now, SharePointLike, it’s called.

But then I decided to try a new theme, Regulus. Uploaded the code, clicked to install it. Bang, white screen with a javascript error on it and no blog. I couldn’t even get to the Control Panel to deinstall it. Yikes. Was Polizeros dead?

Called BlueHost tech support (where this blog is hosted – they are great BTW.) They said, um, maybe backup the database and do a clean reinstall or we can restore to last nights data.

While on the phone it occured to me, WordPress puts themes in their own folders under the Themes folder. Regulus was in its own folder, Regulus. So, while tech support waited, I, via ftp, deleted all the Regulus theme files from that folder and uploaded SharePointLike theme files into it, as I knew this theme works fine.

Took a deep breath, clicked to Polizeros, and, hello world, Polizeros was back. Whew.

I then explained to tech support what I did so they can use it for someone else, as they were surprised it worked. So was I.

And there will be no more playing with themes on Polizeros for a while…

PS I did manage to stay calm and look for solutions while this was going on. That may have been what saved the day.


  1. I believe that there are WordPress Plugins that need to be activated in order for Regulus to work, as there is javascript involved that allows you to easily customize the Theme from within the Presentation Tab of your Administration Panel. Be sure and contact the designer and let them know of your problems so they can look into this more. It’s a great Theme, among many fabulous Themes available for WordPress. It does, however, have some state-of-the-art features that can be a bit tricky. Good luck with it!

  2. I think that version of Regulus installed it’s own version of something that got bonked by WordPress 2.0. Good point, I should let the developers know.

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