Attacking Iran

They’re going to do it. Bomb Iran (probably via Israel.) The blowback will be enormous. I’m guessing Iran already has a counterattack planned (they’d be fools not to have one.)

The Middle East will become even more destabilized, the US more of a pariah nation, as it embarks on another greedy imperialistic adventure it can not afford and is not prepared for.

Congress on both aisles is compliant. Even 23% of those at Daily Kos think the US should use force, locked in like a right winger in the bloodthirsty notion the US has the right to attack anywhere, whenever it feels like, and fuck international law, wisdom, or the obvious fact that the previous invasion, that of Iraq, was based on lies.

All of which matters not to deluded imperialists, who, like crazed religious fanatics, believe they are inerrant and all others must bow before them.

Ask ancient Rome what happened when they had that attitude.