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From a comment by Muge Dreamer to a post here about the Mohammed cartoon.

Even though i’m not that religious and all,as a Turkish muslim, i’d like to say that this whole cartoon issue is making me sick. First of all, i can’t get why this person decided to show our prophet as a terrorist. How much does this guy know about Islam? Does he have a secret edition of the Quran that we don’t know off? Or maybe our Prophet had this diary where he wrote all these ideas on terrorism and how bombing buildings and killing innocent people would get us all to heaven.. That must be it, because there is no other way a person would show THE PROPHET of a RELIGION as a terrorist, just because there are some sick people -i don’t even want to call them muslims- who think they will go to heaven by killing innocent people. It’s just so amazing.. “The civilized west versus the terrorist east” story over and over again!

I’d like to add that no reasonable person in Turkey bothers to think evil stuff about christians and jews and all the rest..We are busy with our own lives and we really-don’t-care-that-the-rest-of-the-world-is-not-muslim!

Why don’t you chill out as well and please be a bit more respectful. I seriously think that this kind of offensive stuff makes some people more religious than they already are and some of them end up being the terrorists that blew up the HSBC building in istanbul or the ones behind the Madrid or London attacks..In the end it harms us all.

It might sound lame to some of you, but i’ll write it anyway :

“Imagine all the people, living life in peaceâ┚¬Â¦” *may Lennon rest in peace*

You just said everyything I’ve been trying to say. Thank you.

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  1. Hi,

    Regarding the furore over “the cartoons” I am somewhat dismayed. As an atheist and an anarchist for most
    of my adult life I find that my freedom of expression is continually being eroded. It seems that we have to
    curtail our freedoms within parameters that the various religious sects consider will not offend them. If we
    allow this to be the guidelines of how we live it will be a very narrow field of expression indeed. In saying
    that I find “the cartoons” rather silly and biased. However, no matter how offensive they may be to some
    people the reaction is by far away over the top and perhaps that is where the criticism should be. When one is
    offended by someone is the answer to riot with guns, threaten slaughter and burn buildings, if so then “the
    cartoons” appear to be a more accurate caricature than the offended claim. It is impossible to live in a society
    and claim it to be a free society if it is a multitude of religious dogma that sets the boundaries. It is also
    impossible to accommodate all the religions, will the Muslims and Christians stop eating beef so as not to
    offend the Hindus as they consider the cow to be sacred? Will the Hindus now riot at this offence to their
    religion? Having read a considerable amount of anarchist theory and knowing that theory stretches back
    several hundred years and believing it to be the best hope for mankind I am continually offended by cartoons
    in the press depicting anarchists as threatening characters who live in the shadows and carry a bomb in their
    pocket. Should I and other anarchists start to riot and threaten slaughter and burn down buildings? Would we
    then have the “liberals” coming out against the press demanding an end to this insulting behaviour? What we
    seem to be seeing is a pandering to religion, if religion can not stand up to the ridicule of its opponents and
    there are a lot of intelligent people consider religion to be ridiculous, then it doesn’t say much for the strength
    of its faith, and if their answer is to threaten slaughter on those who offend them then perhaps it is time to
    reconsider religions place in a civilised society.

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