Prefab houses

Prefab has come a long way. These homes are quite nice and well-designed. Some are microscopic in size, others range up to 1500-2000 sq ft. The first one is made from shipping containers…

From Sue:

Shipping container housing. Any color you want as long as it’s “rust.” But you get a grass roof with that.

Flatpak – pricey but amusing If you don’t want to pay extra for seismic bracing, etcetera for earthquake zones, can they interest you in a nice plot of land in Minnesota?

The wee house. Very c. 50’s for $45 k.

More pre-fab – california style this time

People in glass prefab houses
Shouldn’t stow thrones. This one a bit more room, and a bit more pricey, at $175 per sq ft. But oo la la!

Backyard retreat? Camping gear? Home sweet home?

“Specifications: About 75sf, 11’ x 7’ x 11’, 4000lbsTumbleweed Houses

Because the exterior dimensions of this structure are well within the legal limits for travel on U.S. roadways, the XS-House can be taken almost anywhere. The porch and awning fold up for added convenience. The Oscoz

interior features a retractile table and vanity, a desk, 100 cubic feet of storage, a cathedral ceiling, a six gallon water heater, a shower, toilet, stainless steel counter, refrigerator, sink, heat stove, a double burner, and a vented sleeping loft for two.”

Including one you can build yourself, a 280 sq ft guest house.

The Small House Society

This is political. Where will people live is a political question.

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3 Responses to Prefab houses

  1. Sue Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 12:32 pm #

    ‘Where will people live?’ Is a political question.

    Especially the increasing number of people with low pay or no pay. I know several very intelligent, hard-working, honest types who lost their jobs (free-market outsourcing or market bust) … and who can’t afford housing in the inflationary housing market.

  2. Bob Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 1:13 pm #

    And those are higher income people.

  3. Sandi Fri, Feb 03, 2006 at 12:36 pm #

    Don’t forget the Yurts & Teepees!
    Not just for long hair, tie dye, sandle, patuly oil wearing people anymore.