The non-filibuster

The liberal blogosphere did their absolute best over the weekend, launching a tsumani of faxes, emails, and phone calls to senator’s offices pleading with them to stop Alito.

They got their answer yesterday. Alito will be confirmed with barely a hint of protest. Oh, a few liberal senators mumbled dissent, but for the most part Democrats were compliant and agreeable to Republican demands.

Had it not been for the liberal blogosphere we wouldn’t even have gotten the pretend opposition that we did. Kos, AmericaBlog, CrookandLiars and many others did everything they could to mobilize against Alito.

Why did this happen? There’s really only one reason, one that liberals and progressives are finally facing. Congressional Democrats do not oppose Republicans because, for the most part, they agree with them. It’s not that they are dim, or timid – rather they do not fight the neocons because they generally have no objections to what neocons are doing.

The ruling class is moving to the right as the populace is moving to the left. Beltway Democrats have abandoned their base, not the other way around.

That’s the lesson to be learned. The organizing opportunity that then presents itself is that large numbers of former moderates are getting radicalized real fast now.

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