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Any WordPress/CSS gurus out there? If you look in the right column here, under “My Activism” and ‘My Other Sites’ you’ll see a little diamond before those titles. These are appearing because (I think) it’s displaying unordered lists, yet the next one, ‘Categories’, is displayed the same way and doesn’t display it.

I’ve tried every code permutation I can think of. Anyone know how to make them go away?

“list-style-type: none” appears to be on for them. Also, IE and Firefox put the diamond in slightly different places.

Update: Solved. The WordPress support forum helped me find an answer, which was adding another rule in style.css. (Well, in IE, it now displays a blank yet works perfectly in Firefox, go figure, just a teensy bit more tweaking needed.)


  1. I’m no css guru, but if you do a “View Source” on this page, you get some seriously wierd stuff in that column – duplicated things, which I think are in very long comments, the “Categories” is completely different than the others, etc.

  2. If you mean the rdf code, I think that’s for the rss feed. My old blog software, Radio UserLand, did that too.

  3. Microsoft has a 0.75″ tab it inserted into every list. Tekies called it the “Jason tab” because you can never kill it. Maybe the same programmers have moved elsewhere from the Borg?

  4. A 0.75 tab? Aargh… (off to Google ‘Jason tab’)

    PS IE and Firefox can do quite different things with the same CSS code.

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