1. What? There are no battles in the streets, no assassinations between the right and the left domestically, and, alas, no fragmented government. None of this is to say that we do not live in perilous times, but this kind of ahistorical comparison is the twin of the Bush administration treating everything as Munich or Pearl Harbor.

  2. They didn’y say it was fascism now, they said this is how it starts.

  3. Fascism is a form of government that developes to protect the priveges and the power of the elite, it always comes with the call of patriotism and a need to defend our so called uniqueness as a people. Anything that is different is deemed to be dangerous, we all must think alike, those who don’t are seen as enemies. This very much mirrors what is happening in the US and the UK. In my opinion we are well down the road to fascism and every effort must be made to turn the tide before it is too late.

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