Abramoff’s meetings

WaPo says Dubya’s stonewalling won’t play.

Here are some things we know about Jack Abramoff and the White House: The disgraced lobbyist raised at least $100,000 for President Bush’s reelection campaign. He had long-standing ties to Karl Rove, a key presidential adviser. He had extensive dealings with executive branch officials and departments — one of whom, former procurement chief David H. Safavian, has been charged by federal prosecutors with lying to investigators about his involvement with Mr. Abramoff.

We also know that Mr. Abramoff is an admitted crook who was willing to bribe members of Congress and their staffs to get what he (or his clients) wanted. In addition to attending a few White House Hanukkah parties and other events at which he had his picture snapped with the president, Mr. Abramoff had, according to the White House, “a few staff-level meetings” with White House aides.

They go on to shred the protestations of that highly skilled liar, press secretary Scott McClellan, saying Bush needs to be open and honest. Now.

(WaPo seems more than a little bi-polar to me. One day they shut down comments on their blogs because readers weren’t properly submissive. The next, they run quite excellent op-eds like this – when Woodward isn’t running interference for the neocons, that is.)