Not a good plan

The Democrats will never become the majority party until they can prove to the American people that they have a better plan for keeping us safe. — Arianna Huffington

No. Democrats will become the majority party when they stop mouthing the Republican platform and instead create one of their own. They could look for inspiration at what they used to be, the party of the working class, unions, the poor, minorities, the dispossessed. When they championed those causes, they got elected over and over again. But when’s the last time you heard a Democratic Senator defend a union? Their base didn’t abandon them, they abandoned their base.

Other countries have been attacked too. But in response, they didn’t shred civil liberties, decide torture was a swell idea, spy on the citizenry, and launch wars based on lies. That’s what Democrats need to attack, the grotesqueries of the neocon agenda. If they to do that – and mean it – they’ll have no trouble getting elected again.

But if they continue to let the Republicans define their agenda, they will win nothing. A real discussion about security should include the obvious fact that the US created bin Laden when they financed the Mooj to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan in the 80’s. That was the birth of it all. That’s where they first met and joined forces. That’s what morphed into al Qaida.

If the US stopped invading countries, the Bin Laden’s of the world would suddenly have way less recruits. But the blundering imperialist policy of the US creates enemies as it goes. That’s what the discussion should be about. You want peace? Start by being peaceful.


  1. It is not just a matter of changing a party. Our society is governed by a state apparatus wedded to a corporate greed machine and that will always lead to imerialism. We have to attack the basic structure of our society. A new leader and a people friendly party could not function in todays economic structure without the blessing of the corporate world, and they won’t give that blessing. You are asking for a compassionate international corporate world, there is no such beast, we have to dismantle and re-structure our society on a basis of mutual aid and sustainability.

  2. The system is nominally a democracy but in reality has been corrupted, gerrymandered and generally rigged to such a degree that, at the expense of the many, only the relatively few who comprise the corporate class receive genuine representation.

    Instead of no taxation without representation, we have no representation without capitalization.

  3. When you separate the political from the people by means of privilege and power democracy is dead.

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