2 thoughts on “Abramoff’s past as South African spy

  1. When I first saw this article, I thought ‘hah, conspiracy theory madness’ but then as I read the stuff by Wayne Madsen I began to wonder: I was at the university of the Witwatersrand during the time when Craig Williamson was exposed as a spy; I was also fairly active in anti apartheid networks in North America after arriving here. It was amazing how the South African ‘information services’ were integrated with various extremist right wing groups (including, in my experience with the KKK and holocaust denial types in Alberta). For a time we tried to keep track of the numerous ‘infomation officers’ from both the South African and what was then still the Rhodesian governments but they increasingly relied on ‘informal’ publicity: to prevent groups such as ours from disrupting their sessions.

  2. Israel was a die-hard supporter of apartheid in South Africa (not surprising since their treatment of Palestinians is similar) and Abramoff described himself as a “super-Zionist.” So there are definite links there.

    Plus Abramoff made that movie about the ultra-right in South Africa too.

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