The Right is getting hysterical

MSNBC ratchets up attack on Iraq war opponents, compares us all to Bin Laden

They weren’t doing this a few short months ago. Back then, the Right was smug, confident. Now the war has gone way wrong, Abramoff fallout may jail some of them, and polls show their support is evaporating.

That’s why they’re getting hysterical. Let’s keep up the pressure. They’re starting to crack. As to the specifics of what the Right is babbling, I’ll let other sites like AmericaBlog and CrooksandLiars handle that. They enjoy doing it, and do it well. Me, I’m an antiwar organizer. For organizers, screaming at those on the other side is a waste of energy and a pointless tactic. You’ll be more effective by focusing on the uncommitted and especially on those starting to respond to your message. You build coalitions and effective movements by working with similar groups (regardless of whatever differences you may have) and by attracting like-minded people to your cause. Ranting about what O’Reilly said last night doesn’t build movements. Organizing does.

It feels more like the late 60’s every day. The polarization. Yes, the center is shrinking. People are going to the edges and choosing sides. The Left is, I think, in the ascendant now, with the pendulum (finally) moving our way.

These are dangerous times. But that also means opportunity. Let’s seize the moment and all do whatever we can. Now.

And please, don’t wait for D.C. Democrats to do it for you. That’s a huge mistake liberals and some progressives are making – hoping they can somehow implore Democratic leadership to actually lead. Again, a waste of time. Just get out there and organize. The change will not come from the top down, it will – and is – coming from the bottom up.