Now running WordPress 2.0

Polizeros uses the WordPress blogging platform and is now running WordPress 2.0, the latest and greatest version. Though you won’t see anything new when reading the blog, it has lots of new, useful, behind-the-scenes features. Plus, WordPress is open source, they encourage people to write add-ons, and there’s plenty of online forums and extensive online help.

Polizeros is hosted at BlueHost. They specialize in WordPress blogs and offer a one-click upgrade from the previous version to 2.0. Yes, it really did take a mere one-click and about, oh, 2 seconds. Impressive. They have great support too.

You can get a free hosted WordPress blog at WordPress.COM. Sign up here. ThisԚ  is a somewhat stripped-down version of the one at WordPress.ORG. It doesn’t have all features, however it’s simple to use, free, and no computer geek expertise is needed to install or tweak it.

Both comes with Askimet, a superb comment spam killer.Since I’ve been running Akismet not a single spam comment has gotten through. Not one. It’s also free.

Big name tech/geek bloggers Robert Scoble and Dave Winer recently moved to the free hosted accounts, something which increased the already impressive WordPress cred even more.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, consider WordPress (either version.)