Podcast: Demand extradition of Posada

Action alert by ANSWER Coalition.
U.S. government may free terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.
Demand: Bush, Extradite Posada to Venezuela!
No harboring of terrorist Posada!

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Extreme right wing CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles is wanted in Venezuela for bombing an airliner with innocents on board. He has boasted of blowing up hotels in Cuba. Sounds like a terrorist to me. He’s being held in the US on immigration violation charges, and the Bushies want to free him. The only reason he was held on the charges is because the public mobilized. It’s time to mobilize again.
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(He) is accused of being one of the masterminds of the bombing of a Cubana airliner back in 1976 with the loss of 73 innocent lives, including the Cuban junior fencing team. He was in a Venezuelan prison awaiting trial on that charge when he escaped in 1985. Venezuela long ago asked for his extradition and now has done so again.

He also bragged to The New York Times in a 1998 interview that he had ordered the bombing of a number of tourist hotels in Havana, acts which led to the death of an Italian tourist and the wounding of several other people.

And then in 2000, he was arrested in Panama, and later convicted of "endangering public safety" because of his involvement in a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro by blowing up a public auditorium where Castro was to speak before an audience of some 1,500.

On June 15, Venezuela again formally asked the U.S. government to extradite him to Venezuela. But it seems clear that the U.S. had — and has — no intention of extraditing him. The most likely thing is that he will remain in custody for a time under the illegal entry charge and will then be freed.

In other words, the Bush administration will then have given shelter to another terrorist, to join others such as Orlando Bosch, who has lived freely and unrepentant in Miami since 1989.

Wayne S. Smith
Sun-Sentinel (South Florida) October 27, 2005

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