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Colin The Chameleon continues to evade

From Blair Watch

We learned yesterday that Colin Powell was present at the meeting where bush and Blair discussed bombing al-Jazeera. We also learned that he, along with Blair had to talk Bush out of the idea.

"Ryan Parry, asked him a question that contained the date and subject of the meeting, and was successively told

‘I can’t remember every meeting,’ …
‘I don’t know, you’ll have to forgive me,’ …
‘I don’t recall this,’ …
‘I don’t remember the Al Jazeera thing, frankly,’ "

Colin cannot seriously be expecting us to believe that he does not remember a conversation between his boss, George Dubya and Tony Blair about bombing the al-Jazeera station in Qatar, and having to talk his boss out of it?

Well, Colin has had a chance to check his diary, so I guess it depends how much pressure they are under to keep asking…

Powell is a master at pretending to be all things to all people while avoiding responsibility and culpability. And when the fights happen, well then he’s Mr. Invisible. Poof, the chameleon vanishes, and changes his colors once again. I do not find these traits even slightly praiseworthy. Who is he? What does he stand for (if anything)? Who knows? At least with Bush, you know what you’re dealing with, but Powell deliberately presents a blank slate to the world.

Powell, of course, is lying when he says he can’t remember the President babbled about wanting to blow up a media hq in a friendly country. What we need is a massive media campaign to pressure him to get honest.

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