The al-Jazeera Memo

From Blair Watch

Peter Kilfoyle: As good as his word.

Peter Kilfoyle MP has been as good as his word. He told us, over the frozen Turkeys in Tesco before Christmas that we should be seeing some developments in the story about the al-Jazeera memo (in which Duya told Blair he wanted to bomb al-Jazeera HQ in Qatar.)

Those developments appear to be the fact that he and Tony Clarke leaked it to US sources last year, who apparently failed to follow through.

If Peter, or anybody else wants to get the information out there, us and 350+ bloggers who have signed up are ready and willing to publish, and risk prosecution under the OSA…

It also begs the question, if the government is prepared to prosecute two civil servants over leaking and receiving the document, why not two prominent Labour MPs.

The Official Secrets Act is looking rather impotent in the face of bloggers and the internet. A group of us working with Craig Murray in distributing the documents he released between Christmas and New Year managed to get them published on 4000+ websites in 48 hours. They can’t prosecute all of us… 

So, if they already leaked the memo, why not leak it again! Lots of blogs, including this one, will quickly print it. Dubya threatening to bomb a building in the country of an ally is just another example of his vengeful, mentally unbalanced lunacy.