Abramoff plea deal

TPM has the document online. In it, Abramoff admits to conspiracy, mail fraud, and tax evasion.

Some highlights:

No IRS exemption for back taxes owed. $25 million in restitution. 108-135 months in prison (could be reduced if he sings a mighty aria.)

No exemption for "acts of violence" which is interesting in light of the murder of Gus Boulis "months after selling a casino cruise line to a group that included Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff", although this could be a standard clause in plea deals, I suppose.

Abramoff recommended CCS, a firm controlled by Scanlon (who has also been indicted), to clients. Abramoff then received a 50% kickback from CSS. This amounted to many millions, mainly fron Indian tribes. It was not disclosed to clients.

"Representative 1" is a member of the House and is mentioned in the "corruption of public officials" section. It is widely believed this is Ney. Whoever it is, they are seriously screwed.

And this is just the curtain coming up. Imagine what the full opera will be like.