Gates Foundation gave to Delay ‘charity’

Dell too.

The Gates and Dell family foundations have donated at least $350,000 to Mr. DeLay’s charity since 2001. Among the largest corporate gifts was a $100,000 check given to Mr. DeLay last year by the Corrections Corporation of Nashville, which manages federal prisons. AT&T and Exxon Mobil say they have each donated $50,000.

This ‘charity’ is yet another of DeLay’s side ventures, another one being the ‘non-profit’ that got one million from Russian oil execs (with Jack Abramoff’s help) allegedly for obtaining DeLay’s influence in insuring an IMF loan to bailout Russia  

So, how much money did DeLay’s ‘charity’ get and who else gave it huge donations? And why? 

More on Delay’s activities

The poorly named U.S. Family Network was billed as an advocacy group focused on a conservative "moral fitness" agenda. The stated goals were basically a fraud. Indeed, the group hardly existed beyond its fundraising operation, USFN never actually advocated anything, and there was never a staff beyond one person. When DeLay wrote a fundraising letter for the group calling it "a powerful nationwide organization dedicated to restoring our government to citizen control" by mobilizing grass-roots citizen support, he was wildly misstating the facts.

The group was created to collect big checks from corporations, many of which were foreign, with lobbying ties to Abramoff. The story ties many of the Abramoff ends together, with this bogus nonprofit group at the middle.

As Josh Marshall explained, we’re talking about "a slush fund," with "lots of secret money, often from overseas, that can get spread around off the books in DC."