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The spiraling cost of post-traumatic stress disorder among war veterans has triggered a politically charged debate and ignited fears that the government is trying to limit expensive benefits for emotionally scarred troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The article points out the spiraling costs are due to Vietnam War vets having troubles decades later. It does not include the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq War vets who will be needing help.

But help won’t be coming if the neocons have their way. Too expensive. Hey, it’s not their kids getting maimed, so these pond scum could care less what happens to someone else’s children.

PS I recently learned that a college friend passed a few years ago. Don’t know the details, but his wife and friends said, Vietnam is what killed him, all these years later. How many more will die before their time from that war, and from all other insane imperialist wars waged since, wars that need never have been waged at all.

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  1. Yeah, I read that as well. Truly f-ing tragic. When the guys get out of the service the military just throws them over.

    On a lighter note, I think this piece on recruiting would fall in your interest.

    Read on down past the luring of the children to war with candy and toys to get to the money quote.

    Military recruiters in the United States acknowledge that getting first daughter Jenna Bush to join would be a far bigger boost than even doubling the recruiting budget again, Moskos said.

    If not, disregard this.


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