NYC transit strike

From the ANSWER Coalition

Stop the union-busting attacks on the transit workers!

New information reveals:
Pataki, Bloomberg, and MTA President deliberately provoked strike

Did you know that New York state Governor Pataki, New York City Mayor Bloomberg and MTA President Kalikow provoked the strike by throwing a “stick of dynamite” into the negotiations in the last few hours on Monday? By adding a dramatic demand at the last minute and without warning—a demand they knew the union could not accept—Pataki, Bloomberg and Kalikow made a strike inevitable. They wanted the strike. They want to blame the union, bankrupt the union, and destroy the possibility of decent pensions for transit workers. The MTA board is dominated by the banks and big business. The bankers and corporate America are engaged in a nationwide strategy to destroy pension plans. If they can do this to the transit workers, they feel they can do it to every workforce in New York City and around the country, unionized and non-unionized alike.

Five myths, five facts and one question about the New York City Transit strike.

Send a letter to Bloomberg, Pataki, and Spitzer

From Atrios

I’m aware of two things:

a) Majority of New Yorkers support the union/strike

b) That view is entirely lacking from the media coverage I’ve seen.

Corporate media as a rule, loathes unions. After all, more pay for workers means less pay for the bosses, right? So, they will attempt to smash unions if given the chance. Let’s stop them.