‘Free trade’ and war

We’ve got to face the fact that the neoliberal economic model has been underwriting conflicts all over the planet.

"Unfortunately we live in a world today in which we seem to break things into little components, so we have people who are very much engaged in — and are in an uproar over — the invasion of Iraq and the continuing war," says Clarke. "Those things are very much related to the movements that exist now against corporate globalization or neoliberalism. We have to see these things together. The global economy — and the expansion of the global economy — are related to the expansion of militarization in the world."

In a word – Imperialism, which is made worse by the bizarre belief among neocons that the US is somehow exceptional and thus need not follow the rules it insists other nations follow. 

A religious friend says says the worst aspect of Religious Right neocons is that not only do they believe the US is guided by God, but that they also believe the US and Dubya can do no wrong because God is telling them what to do.

So, I wonder, how does God contact them? Email? IM? Text messages on the cell phone? Do they hear the Word of God directly? "Yo, Dubya. This is God. I command you to invade Iraq." There are helpful medications for those who believe God speaks directly and only to them. Plus, it’s been the experience of mystics and saints through the ages that if you think God is speaking directly to you, you need to examine this in the cold light of dawn to make sure you aren’t deluding yourself.

Imperialism under guise of religious absolutism is what we have.