The Bush Money Network

From PoliticalWire 

A very interesting Toldeo Blade investigation delves into the ways President Bush financed his presidential ambitions.

The first part centers on business interests: "The titans of American industry came together to help pay for the re-election of President Bush last year. A Blade investigation shows their investment paid off. From obscure regulatory changes to big contracts, the Bush Administration helped them make billions."

The second part notes the president’s biggest funders are from Texas and Florida: "Long before George W. Bush began campaigning for the White House, his family built a fund-raising network of wealthy supporters to bankroll his political ambitions and propel him to the presidency."

Still don’t think there’s a ruling class that takes care of itself at the expense of the rest of us? Among other things, war is good for (their) business. Heck, it’s not their kids who are coming back maimed or in body bags.