Tookie Vigil

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a political commentator, said the decision was determined by the governor’s faltering political fortunes. "He’s a conservative Republican, he’s up for a tough re-election next year and he needs the Republican base," he said. "This country puts a lot of lip service into the concept of redemption. The message this decision sends is horrible and hypocritical."

Ellen Kreitzberg, professor of law at Santa Clara University, criticised the governor’s decision on legal grounds. "He’s making a clemency decision based on a reluctance to go against what has already been decided, whereas clemency is designed to go against previous decisions," she said. 

Westwood Federal Building. Monday night.

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  1. We have capital punishment in California. Why don’t we use
    it? Why did this take 26 years? I honestly believe that
    sentences carried out sunrise the next morning would stop
    a lot of this stuff… It would probably be a deterrent

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