Dear wingnuts

Thanks so much for your hate-filled rages against Tookie. Writing a comment here saying "the n****r must die" adds so much to the debate.

Sadly though, all such comments never got posted because I deleted them. So, your thoughtful messages never saw the light of day here.

Some of you would write virtually the same nasty comment two or three times to the same post trying to start a fight, then complain in another comment about how unfair Polizeros is for not allowing anti-Tookie comments.

We did allow them. There’s several of them. However they are well-written, intelligent, and non-abusive. But you need to actually read the comments to know that.

So, feel free to start your own blog, although judging from some of your comments, you would have trouble writing a coherent sentence, much less a blog post.

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  1. This is not intelligent, nor does it add anything to the debay.

    Quite funny though

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