1. The U.S. Congress will call on a extra-special session to deliberate the fate of a brain dead woman who couldn’t put together a single sentence but not for a man, who may have sinned before, would be much more valuable alive than dead.

    I can really see how the religious right would argument for the life of a woman, trying to keep her alive, but somehow I cannot conceive to see those same people arguing so fervorously in favor of killing a person, and still feel like they’re doing God’s will.

    Lets hope that someone will come to their senses and keep Tookie alive.

  2. Yours is a question asked many times. This issue elicits alot of emotion. Stanley ‘ Tookie ‘ Williams has elicited a firestorm of discussion between liberals and conservatives regarding the civility and legality of the death penalty. Should Stanley Williams be put to death or should he be allowed to live out his normal life in prison?
    Many believe that the true question of life or death is not really being addressed for Stanley ‘ Tookie ‘ Williams. Individuals close to Tookie state that the issue has been so sensationalized that it is now becoming a divisive issue rather than a human issue. Many say the question is dividing people in much the same way that the Roe vs Wade has.
    Tookie supporters want the governor, as well as the public, to see the human side of Tookie Williams, they do not want this to become a political debate on the issue of the death penalty.
    However, both sides of the death penalty issue are utilizing the popularity of Stanley ‘ Tookie ‘ Williams as a means of once again reiterating their stance, and reason, for and against the death penalty.

    Many death penalty supporters feel that Tookie Williams murdered four individuals in cold blood and for this he should pay the ultimate penalty, death. This side of the argument for completing the death sentence pronounced on Tookie Willimas states that Tookie received a fair trial and he was convicted by a group of his peers, this is simply the due process of our legal system.
    The anti-death penalty support groups claim that Stanley may still be innocent and he should not be put to death for that reason alone. They point to other cases were evidence was later produced that exonerated the person originally convicted. They also feel that putting anyone to death is cruel and inhumane.
    What do you think?
    Raymond B

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